Clean T-Shirt Challenge – Paired Feeding

One team member who is blindfolded, sits or stands with arms behind their back. Another team member sits behind them with their arms through their partners arms.

Task is to feed person in front something like spaghetti hoops, baked beans or yoghurt as cleanly as possible.

Swap over…


food stuffs; t-shirts; spoons; blindfold,

Clean T-Shirt Challenge – Apple Bobbing

Usual apple bobbing affair, maybe replace water with something more colourful or add some food colouring, remember aim of whole t-shirt challenge is to get t-shirt dirty/messy not wet!


Dangle over a bench.

Dangle over a bench with another team member holding legs of the face dipper.



apples; water / gunge / food colouring / items of choice; bucket / bowl / paddling pool; bench; blindfold; t-shirts

Clean T-Shirt Challenge – Limbo

Set up a standard limbo frame with a tarp underneath and paint liberally thrown around. Each team member completes limbo dance under the pole – if they fall t-shirt gets covered and game over for them. Repeat until time is up or pole is lowered to set height.


limbo pole; tarp; paint; t-shirts; drum/music & flower garlands for extra authenticity…

Clean T Shirt Challenge – Balloon Pop

Attach or stick with strong cloth tape balloons, filled with small amount of custard or paint, onto each teams t-shirts. A member of an opposing team is blindfolded and given gloves with rough sandpaper attached they have to try and pop them. Set time and small area for teams to avoid or hunt each other.


Play balloon toss, 2 team members stand opposite each other and throw balloon bewteen them, take a step backwards and repeat.


2 team members have balloon bewteen their chests, almost as if hugging each other. Aim is to get balloon around course without touching by hands or dropping or popping.


water balloons; custard / paint or gunge; t-shirts; gloves & sandpaper; blindfolds

Brainteaser Theme 5 – Traversable Networks

Uri Night (4) i A traversable network is when you can follow a route taking in all the paths without lifting your tracing implement.

As an alternative recreate the networks in large scale / lifesize format for Scouts to move around.


Printed sheets

Internet links (with Pdf downloads):

Traversable Networks Link 1

Traversable Networks Link 2

Brainteaser Theme 4 – Jigsaw Puzzle

Uri Night (5) i Purchase some suitable puzzles from a charity shop,around 100 pieces work well.

Scouts make puzzle in fastest time – without the picture to help of course.

An alternative is to have 2 or 3 similar puzzles and race within the team.

Fastest wins…

Search for wasgij on the internet – if you can get hold of any of these – even better!


puzzles, timer / stopwatch, suitable tray to keep pieces together


Brainteaser Theme 3 – Tangoes

Simple Tangoes. The tangram pieces can be cut up from stiff card if required. Uri Night iThe shapes to make can be searched for on the internet.



tangoes – shop bought or homemade with card, pictures of shapes

Brainteaser Theme 2 – Big Matchsticks

Uri Night (34) iUse simple matchstick puzzles but go large scale with broom handles or garden bamboo canes.

Have a few ready to fill time.


broom handles, bamboo canes, challenges



 Pdf’s to download:

MatchStick Puzzle 1

Matchstick Puzzle 2

Matchstick Puzzle 3

Matchstick Puzzle 4

Brainteaser Theme 1 – Mastermind

Uri Night (8) iPlay a simple game of Mastermind. Can be done on paper if need be.

One person (leader?) chooses four colours, they keep this secret. The Scout team then have to guess the pattern of colours.

1. Scouts have a random guess.

2. Leader is allowed to say , correct in the right place or correct but in the wrong place – however, they do not assign this to which ones – that is for the Scouts to work out.

3. Fewest turns to guess the colours and the order win.

Make harder by repeating colours and including spaces.


Mastermind game or printed blank sheets (lots), coloured pens


What did the … do for us?

Toga 2010 (12) iCompile a list of true or false statements along the lines of “The Greeks invented …”

The Scouts discuss and tick or cross according to their answer.


Pdf’s to download:

True or False Romans

Ancient Greece true or false