This blog is stuffed full with ideas for Scout Troops and youth sections alike. Whilst primarily aimed at the Scout section ideas will transfer to Cubs, Beavers and Explorers – likewise in other organisations, St John Ambulance Brigade, Guiding, church youth clubs etc. may find the activties here of some use.

The instructions are short and simple and where possible illustrated with a photo. The full fun and enjoyment is over to you, adapt and change as you see fit to suit your needs and requirements.

If you have a suggestion, a photo, a new idea or a twist on something already here please let us know about it!

All ideas have been sourced from books, brains, internet and anywhere else that whetted our imagination and creative juices. We’ve tried a lot of them – so we know some of them work!

There is an occasional note on safety, but that bit is over to you. Each group, troop, child, tools, environment are different, judge for yourself and adapt where you need to. This website is aimed at inspiring leaders with ideas and can accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused.

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