Human Fireworks Nov 2013 (52) i Human Fireworks Nov 2013 (59) i  Human Fireworks Nov 2013 (133) iHuman Fireworks Nov 2013 (153) i






Using your creative imagination produce photographs from glo-sticks and such like. Use a camera mounted on a tripod for maximum stability and be prepared for some trial and error. The brighter the glo-stick the better, DSLR cameras also work best as you are able to adjust the light settings. Ideas include:

firework style – throw glo sticks or run around

writing – Scouts stand in a line and repeat a letter each to spell out word, alternatively one Scout spells out an entire word

people – get a Scout to stand in a pose, move the glo-stick around their outline


dslr camera/s, tripod/s, glo-sticks or other glowy things, ideas, a dark night, a small amount of patience


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