Team of 5 members.

On each palm of hand / sole of foot, write:

i) a & n (ii) e & t (iii) g & r (iv) o & m (v) s & p

Then spell the following words in the fastest time.

master = clue: dog’s owner

roast = clue: eaten every Sunday

smear = clue: stain something by spreading it around

togas = clue: worn by Ancient Greeks

snore = clue: noise produced when fast asleep

spam = clue: canned meat

proms = clue: performed every year at the Royal Albert Hall

great son = clue: best male child

tongs = clue: used to toss a salad, or tunr meat on a BBQ

agent = clue: top secret spy, travel or estate person

amongst = clue: in between or in the middle of, sitting …… my friends



marker pens or face paints

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