If you have access to some GPS thingys.

Tricky to set up, takes some patience and thought, but worthwhile:

Beforehand set up a route, with geocache points, it is the teams challenge to find them – each ‘base’ needs a box hidden somewhere, which contains a challenge or reward, these could be:

  • treasure hunt – include number of paces to the treasure (chocolate bars for e.g.) if you can bury them first
  • two boxes – both locked, answer question and you get reward otherwise it’s empty or forfeit
  • put in a tree quide book – team has to identify trees around them
  • pencil and paper – draw the scene from where you are
  • rope – tie some knots and leave in box
  • hair gel – style your hair for rest of hike
  • face paints – give a theme also
  • lego – use plan to build lego toy
  • codes – each box has a code or answers to a code or some letters – which will need rearranging at the end
  • verse – a poem / song words or Scout law print out is left in box, they may take a copy and for rest of walk must learn it off by heart, tested at end of hike

Of course – abandon the whole gps thing and use a simple orienteering map with points located. Or just go on a hike with real life geocaches..

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