At either end of large playing area set up some skittles. Split area in two and have each team at either end, create a half way line that they must not cross. Another line can be created in front of the skittles so they cannot get too close. The aim is to defend their skittles whilst knocking down the skittles of the opposing team. Have a few large soft balls in play at the same time.

Alternative ideas:

  • have rule so players are out if hit on legs
  • resurrection skittle – have an identified skittle: if it gets hit all players out are back in
  • imposter skittle – again, identified in some way: if hit, the team that are trying to defend it are allowed a free throw
  • free go skittle – if hit team get another free go (all players must stand aside)
  • grab another skittle – if hit team get to select a player to join their team
  • ???

Need a whistle so players know to stop straight away!

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