WC 2012 (283) ver 1 iThe Olympic Games Scout style. Best organised over a whole programme for a term or two.


  • broomstick hockey (ask Scouts to bring their own, different sizes adds more challenge, for some at least)
  • athleticstrack: 100m; 100m relay; 200m; 400m; 400m relay; 1500 m etc. etc.
  • athleticsfield: shot putt (we did individual and team medals (average))
  • swimming pool: backstroke; breaststroke; front crawl; relay etc. (we also split ages for some – older/younger Scouts)
  • swimming pool: diving (from the edge of pool, no splash, best looking entry etc.)
  • swimming pool: synchronised swimming (took some rehearsals on a weekend camp, but they loved it (so did lifeguards!)- one team even brought costumes along) better with loud music
  • basketball (we gave individual medals as well)
  • standing long jump (we split into ages individual and team medals also)
  • archery
  • rifle shooting
  • football
  • real hockey

Other events we didn’t get round to:

  • wrestling
  • triathlon
  • water polo
  • canoeing
  • gymnastics
  • volleyball
  • beach volleyball (it was rained off)
  • cycling

We awarded a fantastic prize for the winning team and kept a tally of medals on the noticeboard and website. Events were organised on camps and normal Scout evenings. If a full team wasn’t present, tough, event carried on anyway.

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