• put on your best angry face
  • jump from a chair doing your best Tarzan yell
  • impersonate a famous person, everyone guesses who
  • talk with an Italian/French/American etc. accent for the next hour
  • continuously talk for 1 minute without stopping or pausing
  • bend on one knee and kiss the hand of a fair maiden, just like a fairy tale prince would
  • make a cape out of something and tell everyone, convincingly that you are there to protect mankind!
  • for the next 15 minutes whenever someone says the word ‘and’ bark like a dog (no laughing allowed)
  • act out and advert, group guess which – not allowed to say the name of a product
  • pretend you haveĀ  free go – then in 5/10 minutes tell a leader (without laughing) that you really need to go to the loo for a pooh (laugh and you fail!)
  • get on all fours and act like a cat around everyone for 3 minutes (no laughing)

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