Figure Skating


Wear thick socks and use a slippery floor. Allow Scouts in groups or pairs to practice for a short time, then present to group. Ensure strict time limit to avoid boredom. Play suitable music and have judges giving scores.


suitable floor; thick socks; music; stopwatch;  

Luge / Bobsleigh


Winter Olympics 2014 (17) iUsing a skateboard, or something similar, attach a rope to front. In pairs, with one Scout lying on board, the other pulls them around a course as fast as possible. Ensure a spacious area, add in cycle helmets for extra reality and safety and Scouts told to keep arms away from ground.



course markers; skateboard or similar; rope; cycle helmets (optional)



Winter Olympics 2014 (9) Select a suitable stretch of polished floor and draw a target in chalk, or masking tape. Using frying pans from a set distance Scouts slide them over target. Brooms or mops can be used for added effect.



frying pans; brrom or mops; chalk or masking tape; wooden or lino floor

Numbers running game


Numbers gamePrepare numbers 1 to whatever (20?) on some card or laminate. SPread over a suitably sized area. Each Scout in turn has to run, in numerical order and stand on each number card. Time as a team. First person will be slower as they do not know where each number is, last person should be quicker.


  • throw in some pre-prepared sums to complete / solve
  • safe codes – one member shout out safe codes (or sum to solve) others tand on correct numbers)
  • mastermind style, have prepared safe code: Scouts have to stand on numbers, each time leader says number of Scouts correct and number correct but in the wrong place (obviously not revealing which ones…). Count up how many attempts to solve safe code


number cards; safe codes / sums; timer


Welly throwing


Select a suitable size welly boot and throw! Variations:Welly throwing

  • stand with your back and throw between legs or over shoulder as far as possible
  • throw face on and hit target to throw into bucket
  • different size welly boots
  • blindfolded with one team member guiding
  • like skittles!


welly boots; buckets or target/s

Ephedrismos – a game of knocking over blocks…


No, I can’t pronounce it either. Good game though.

Ephedrismos was a popular game whose name is derived from the Greek word for “sit upon.”Toga Night Wproof 2014 (1)

Two players place a stone upright on the ground and throw other stones at it from a distance.

The player who fails to knock over the upright stone then carries the other player on his back   while the winner’s hands cover his eyes.

The pair runs around in this fashion until the losing player touches the stone.

An equal sized pairing of Scouts is best.


 blocks or stone/s, ball of small stones, safeish playing area