Numbers running game


Numbers gamePrepare numbers 1 to whatever (20?) on some card or laminate. SPread over a suitably sized area. Each Scout in turn has to run, in numerical order and stand on each number card. Time as a team. First person will be slower as they do not know where each number is, last person should be quicker.


  • throw in some pre-prepared sums to complete / solve
  • safe codes – one member shout out safe codes (or sum to solve) others tand on correct numbers)
  • mastermind style, have prepared safe code: Scouts have to stand on numbers, each time leader says number of Scouts correct and number correct but in the wrong place (obviously not revealing which ones…). Count up how many attempts to solve safe code


number cards; safe codes / sums; timer


Welly throwing


Select a suitable size welly boot and throw! Variations:Welly throwing

  • stand with your back and throw between legs or over shoulder as far as possible
  • throw face on and hit target to throw into bucket
  • different size welly boots
  • blindfolded with one team member guiding
  • like skittles!


welly boots; buckets or target/s

Ephedrismos – a game of knocking over blocks…


No, I can’t pronounce it either. Good game though.

Ephedrismos was a popular game whose name is derived from the Greek word for “sit upon.”Toga Night Wproof 2014 (1)

Two players place a stone upright on the ground and throw other stones at it from a distance.

The player who fails to knock over the upright stone then carries the other player on his back   while the winner’s hands cover his eyes.

The pair runs around in this fashion until the losing player touches the stone.

An equal sized pairing of Scouts is best.


 blocks or stone/s, ball of small stones, safeish playing area

Marbles and Knucklebones


Marbles self explanatory.

Toga Night Wproof 2014 (6)To play a simple game of Knucklebones:

To begin the game, each player tosses all five knucklebones in the air and tries to catch as many as possible. Each player then repeats the procedure using the knucklebones that he or she caught the first time. The score each player obtains in this way determines the order of turns during the game.

In the most common variation on this game, the first player throws all of his knucklebones on the ground. He picks one up, which becomes known as the jack. He tosses the jack into the air, picks up another bone from the ground, and catches the jack as it falls. He transfers the picked-up bone to his free hand and throws the jack again. This procedure is repeated until the player has picked up all of the knucklebones. If a player drops a bone, misses the jack, or moves a bone inadvertently, he is out and the next player takes his turn. When a player succeeds at picking up and holding all the bones during one turn of play, he goes on to try to pick up all the bones at one time. When the player has picked up all the bones in this way, he then tries to pick up bones in groups of first three and then four.


small stones or similar, marbles, playing area

Ancient Greek Wrestling


Toga Night Wproof 2014 (8)A slightly simpler version…

Set up a ring using rope, pair Scouts up one on one, about same height and build. Aim is to get opponent out of ring. Warn about foul play, stop in event of any hint of misdemeanours. Set time limit if necessary. According to the Scouts involved set some ground rules to avoid any injury.


rope, whistle (in order to save your voice…)

Greek Food Tasting


Standard blind food tasting – some suggestions:

Egg dishes
Small rolls sprinkled with poppy-seed and honeyToga Night 2014 (3)
Hot sausages
Prawns in a sauce
Liver pate
Nuts and fruits
Small Cheesecakes
Almond cakes

Check for allergies prior to starting… Mayba avoid nuts altogether.


selection of Greek food, blindfold, covers for food, spoons, water, cups 

Human Fireworks


Human Fireworks Nov 2013 (52) i Human Fireworks Nov 2013 (59) i  Human Fireworks Nov 2013 (133) iHuman Fireworks Nov 2013 (153) i






Using your creative imagination produce photographs from glo-sticks and such like. Use a camera mounted on a tripod for maximum stability and be prepared for some trial and error. The brighter the glo-stick the better, DSLR cameras also work best as you are able to adjust the light settings. Ideas include:

firework style – throw glo sticks or run around

writing – Scouts stand in a line and repeat a letter each to spell out word, alternatively one Scout spells out an entire word

people – get a Scout to stand in a pose, move the glo-stick around their outline


dslr camera/s, tripod/s, glo-sticks or other glowy things, ideas, a dark night, a small amount of patience